Waterproof TVs

Waterproof tvs

Television is one of the most remarkable inventions that have transformed its status from being a luxury item to one of the most essential item. The endless discoveries and inventions are carried on to this date that can make our experience better. The transformation of television from black and white to color, CRT to LCD, LED and now introduction of 3D an 4K has changed our perception of entertainment. The latest addition to this group is the development of waterproof TVs, which can be used irrespective of the location or climatic conditions. Televisions have shifted its base from the living room and bedrooms, from bathrooms to porch or terrace.

The water proof tv are being made in such a way that it does not let any moisture inside the television panel or circuit. Thus you can fit it in your bathrooms, or even enjoy the endless entertainment sitting outside in rain. The basic configuration is same so you can expect to have the same viewing experience as that of a conventional TV.

Waterproof televisions are built to have the same resolution as that of a normal TV. It can support HD, 3D and 4K picture resolution with wide viewing angles. The display is quite impressive and they can be viewed in bright sunlight too. The mirror like finish makes the exterior classy and stunning. If the TV is fitted in bathroom, you can even use it as a mirror. The panels are well covered by the stainless steel coverings that take care so that there is no seeping of water. For anyone using it in bathroom may worry about the fogginess of the screen or dripping waters. These TVs has complete drip management system and the screen act as the defogger itself. The TVs take care of style too, and it is not bulky at all. In fact, it fits into the bathroom wall just like a glass and there is no external bulky panel to spoil the beauty.

The TVs are rated IP65 and IP66 and comes with a tempered glass that is scratch resistant and heat resistant. The electronic components are protected well so that there is no frequent problem of malfunctioning or short circuits. You can watch your favorite music videos or listen to the news as the TVs are equipped with high quality speakers and have waterproofing facilities too.

With these TVs, you can be certain that your bathroom sessions will get much extend.