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Floor plan guide - Your Guide To Flooring

Floor plan guide

Floors are an essential part of your house. While you build your residential and commercial spaces, you need to consider having different floors for your premise. This not only serves the flooring aspect but also ensures that you have a beautiful floor plan. There are different flooring materials which you can use such stone, ceramics, wood as well as marble. (

What are some of the tips of types of flooring to use your rooms? Here is what you need to choose for each floor:

  1. Living room
    Your living room is one of the most dwelled in place of your house. You, therefore, need to consider making it as comfortable as possible and as well make a statement when you have guests. You can consider an imitate wooden floor that is durable and of quality standards. Such a floor is not slippery an warm and thus you do not have to worry about your feet when it’s cold. (
  2. The kitchen
    The kitchen is the engine to your home. This is because people need to feed well and thus, where you stand on is quite remarkable. Since lots of water used in the kitchen in sinks, you need to choose a floor that is not slippery. Such a floor may be porcelain since its resistant to scratching as well as easy to vacuum. This ensures that you have a durable floor and also you have the benefit of different designs of porcelain. You can also consider a vinyl floor which is easy to install and also cheap to buy. They durable also but have the disadvantages of being prone to scratches.
  3. Bathrooms
    You need to have a refreshing bath, and since the floors get water, you need to consider non-slippery floors. Such a floor can be a stone floor. You can choose tiles made of imitating stone or stone itself which will have a rough fill for your feet not to slip. You also go by just having stone floors for your bathroom which gives it an antique design but may be difficult to install. (

Ways to save money when replacing and to lay floors
Some of the tips may include:

  1. Choose a durable floor so that you do not end up keeping replacing.
  2. Have an expert in flooring do the job for you as they are the pros in the field
  3. Choose a floor that matches the room so that you do not have incidences that will lead to lay another floor after some time.
  4. Buy from a licensed vendor so that you get consultation services on which floor to use.
  5. Use the remnant as you replace instead of throwing it away as this will save on material of use.